Battlefield V

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Battlefield V

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Battlefield V sees the series return to a World War II setting for the first time in nearly a decade.



DICE aims to take the series back to its roots and deliver the World War II experience they had always envisioned.

Cooperative Missions

Cooperative mode returns in the form of "Combined Arms." Four players can team up to fight against AI targets and achieve mission goals as a cohesive unit.


While the traditional feel of Battlefield is mostly retained, a few concepts are back and a few have been added:

  • Sliding
  • Shooting while sliding
  • Lying face up (and shooting)


In previous Battlefield entries, if the player was injured and managed to escape further injury for a period of time, they could recover to full health.

In this entry, the health system is staggered with multiple levels. The player, on their own, can only recover up to a maximum of the current level of health they're in, enhancing the importance of the Medic class and their med-packs.


A completely new feature to the Battlefield series is an added responsibility to build fortifications at predetermined locations around the map. The types of fortifications include military assets and structures that can be built on every map. These include sandbags, barbed wire, fox holes, trenches, tank stoppers, machine gun nests, and reinforced destroyed buildings.

All classes have the ability to build the basic items, however the Support class is the sole option to build offensive fortifications, such as machine guns and field canons. Additionally, the Support class has a far superior build speed in comparison to other classes.

Grand Operations

Returning from Battlefield 1 is the Operations mode, but modified to take place over the course of four fictional days. The results of each day affect following days, and it is possible to be unable to complete all four days.

The Company

A system that allows players to create stables of customized characters, which includes class selection, load outs, vehicle options, and character model customizations.

Tides of War

The game's version of live events takes place over the course of several months each.

Premium Pass

DICE officially announced that a Premium Pass would be not be part of Battlefield V. All maps and future content will be free, and there will be no divide in the player base as a result.


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