BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

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BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

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A true sequel and new installment in the BlazBlue franchise, taking place after the events of Continuum Shift.



BlazBlue: Chronophantasma is an upcoming new entry in the BlazBlue franchise that was announced on August 5, 2012 during BlueFes 2012. Returning characters will receive new moves, and some will also see new Distortion Drives and costumes. Three new characters have been added to the roster; Azrael, Amane, and Bullet. On October 17, 2012 it was announced Mu-12 and Nu-13 would be returning characters.

New Features

  • Gold Break Bursts removed (Green Bursts are still part of the game.) and replaced by a new Overdrive system specific to each character.
  • Guard Primers removed
  • Crush Trigger consumes 25 Heat but allows a guard crush unless the opponent is using Barrier Block. Activated by pressing A + B during certain moves.
  • 3 main story lines and one true ending.
  • The character selection screen now displays alternate color palette appearances prior to selection.
  • Tutorial mode featuring more instructors than just Rachel.
  • Expanded Gallery Mode


The story mode will be set in an entirely new location and split between three branches: Chronophantasma, Six Heroes and Sector Seven. Eventually these three branches will be tied into one True End.

New Characters

Amane Nishiki

An androgynous young male dressed in a pink kimono arming himself with a long pink scarf. His drive move is known as Spiral which transforms his scarf into a drill used to fight against opponents.


A member of Sector Seven with inordinately high strength, he seeks out worthy adversaries and will attack anyone on the battlefield, friend or foe, to quench his thirst for battle. His drive move is known as The Terror which points out weak points when attacking the opponent.


Part of a mercenary group that looks to oppose Sector Seven. She was raised and trained by the mercenary group from a young age so she fights from battlefield to battlefield. When her entire squad was wiped out, she decided to travel the world and find the one responsible to avenge their deaths. Her drive move is known as Lock On, allowing her to quickly target her opponent and grab them.


The "True Form" of Tsubaki Yayoi after breaking free from the Imperator's control by releasing the powers within her Sealed Weapon, Izayoi. Her drive is Scarlet Justice, which increases the speed and power of all her special attacks in "Gain Art Mode."

Kagura Mitsuki

Known as "The Black Gale" or "The Black Knight." The leader of the Imperator's Palace Guard, the supreme general of the NOL, and the head of the powerful Mutsuki family within the Duodecim. Kagura seeks to take the Imperator's position and become head of the Library himself. Carries a giant sword and can throw mini-black holes at enemies.

Yuuki Terumi

One of The Six Heroes long before he was trapped within The Boundary and becameto inhabit the artificial body known as Hazama. A much faster and more sadistic version of Hazama with less range, but not to be taken lightly.


The daughter of the Heroes Jubei and Nine. Capable of summoning a jet hammer and similar items from hammerspace to attack her enemy.

Returning Characters


A new game mechanic introduced into Chrono Phantasma, Overdrive is activated when a player is at low health and provides extra abilities and for certain characters power ups when activated. It builds up over time and activates using A + B + C + D, the lower the health the longer it will last, and freezes the timer when in use.

CharacterOverdrive NameEffect

Amane Nishiki

ArakuneCrimson Depths


Mind Colosseo
Bang ShishigamiFurinkaza


Heat the Beat
Carl CloverSynchro High Speed
Iron TagerVoltic Field
Jin KisaragiFrost End
Nu-13Unlimited Drive
Litchi Faye LingDaisharin
Makoto NanayaGalaxian Impact
Mu-12Stein's Geyser
Noel VermillionChain Quasar
Platinum the TrinityMagical Heart Catch
Rachel AlucardElf Lied
Ragna the BloodedgeBlood Kain Idea
Relius CloverMaxima Dance
TaokakaAlmost Becoming Two
Tsubaki YayoiSecond Install
Valkenhayn R. HellsingEndlos Volf

Pre-order Bonuses

Japanese (PS3):

This version will come in a ¥7140 standard edition as well as ¥10290 Limited Box version. The Limited Box includes:

  • Nendoroid Petite Series Rachel Alucard figure

North American (PS3):

The standard version will retail for $49.99 USD. The Limited Edition ($79.99 USD) will include:

  • Small Nendoroid figure of Rachel Alucard
  • 40-page full-color artbook
  • Official soundtrack CD
  • Poster
  • Special features Blu-ray

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